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I am dedicating this to my mom and dad, who have both passed away in the last 8 weeks.  It has been rough the last few months with them, but I want to share what great people my mom and dad are, and the influence they have been in my life.  Confetti Antiques / Pinstripe Estate Services would not be here without their training, support, help and love.  I was introduced at a very young age to enjoy thrifting, fixing things, antiques, yard sales, flea markets, the classifieds, and seeing the unique and unusual qualities of people and old objects.  Thank you for the wonderful legacy you have left, and that I hope to continue for future generations


Neal Thomsen May 16, 1940 - April 16, 2024

“The only way you judged a man was by…who got the best deal on junk at a yard sale. Dad was a true junk collector! When we were kids, my mom would send us to the dump with dad so he wouldn’t bring more home than he took. That didn’t work out so well when she sent me. She picked the wrong kid for that. Dad and I would make a pact that I wouldn’t tell on him if he would let me get stuff to bring home. I am my father’s daughter. I’m now an antique dealer, and like my dad, I have a lot of stuff, and love yard sales, good deals, and going junking. If you knew my dad, he had his junk spot, “The Barn” in Happy Valley. He truly was a junker and a piler.” Kara Morris, daughter, from Neal’s funeral memories

Nita Thomsen March 14, 1941 - May 20, 2024

“I worked a lot in my teenage years doing the Pacific Rim flowers and baskets with my mom. They were an import company that she was a sales rep. for in several drug stores and variety stores. This was a time when we spent a lot of quality time together, just talking and working and sharing life. She taught me a lot about being honest, about working hard, how to fill out invoices and follow through with paperwork, working with store managers and the public, cleaning and organizing, analyzing sales, and other good business practices. I am grateful for the things I learned while helping my mom that gave me the skills necessary to start and run my own business. It was good to spend time with her one on one, as there wasn’t much time for that in our busy lives and family.”
Kara Morris, daughter, from Nita’s funeral memories